Ship your apps fast with our fully managed cloud platform

Even the simplest cloud application requires stitchwork of 3rd party services and self-managed solutions:

  • Triggers and scheduling
  • Webhosting and CDN
  • Health checks and failure monitoring
  • Source deployment
  • Analytics
  • SSL
  • Actions and notifications
  • Runtime environments
  • Data and persistence management

Your developer experience should be better than this.

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The Mindset platform responds to triggers, manages the runtime environments and acts on your executable’s output:


Create the app

Develop locally and push (eg. to GitHub)

Mindset is ready

Run on a schedule or request and respond to events (eg. auto-pull code, compile)

Execute using managed runtime environments

Using Mindset’s managed runtime environments like Python, Nim, etc.


Store data, send notifications (SMS, Email) or serve web content generated by the app